Sealed Air


Value Drivers

Cryovac and Grip and Tear
Cryovac Grip & Tear® bags are ideal for processors of a wide range of products, offering you undeniable benefits to increase revenue and boost food safety:
  • Encourages Food Safety all-around (knifeless and touch-free entry prevents injuries, product damage, and cross-contamination)
  • Maximizes Shelf Life and freshness with vacuum packaging
  • Improves product marketability
  • Offers superior shrink and toughness with true easy-opening functionality that boosts Operational Efficiency
  • Provides an extensive array of products covering multiple applications, bag sizes, barrier properties and seal placements
  • Offers consistent shrink, printing and display attributes that aid in Brand Building
Grip & Tear bags help you build brands and are available with a variety of seal options in both Barrier and Non-Barrier materials:

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Grip & Tears bags seal options