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With the Cryovac® Marinade on Demand® package, fresh meat and poultry can go from plain to deliciously flavored with and endless array of any restaurant quality marinade in mere minutes. The secret is that th emarinade is housed separately forn the product so you can choos when to introduce the marinade. See how it works
Request InformationMarinade on Demand® Package: The Basics
  • Better control of marinade recipe for consistent product time after time and from cook to cook
  • Reduces waste - exactly the right amount of marinade for every product, every time
  • No-mess preparation or clean-up - product is marinated in a sealed environment eliminating the need to dirty pans
  • Restaurant quality products in a variety of marinade choices
  • Inline system allows for continuous run of product with a 5-10 minute flavor change
  • Wash down and tumbling process is eliminated, saving both time and money
  • Runs on current thermoforming machines
  • Functional marinade ingredients such as acids, alcohols and tenderizers can now be used because the amount of marinating time can be easily controlled by the operator
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