Cryovac® Freshness Plus Active Packaging Technologies

Maximize flavor and product color, while reducing confinement odors - all through Freshness Plus™ packaging.

Our brand has always been known for freshness and for leading the way when it comes to delivering active packaging technologies. With the Cryovac® Freshness Plus™ family of products, you can focus on quality product life through packaging, not formulations. Which could mean eliminating or reducing additives and preservatives without a sachet.

Find out more about these Freshness Plus™products:

Oxygen Scavenging Films - help food products retain their high quality longer through packaging and can minimize or eliminate the need for preservatives

Odor Scavenging Films - state-of-the-art packaging materials scavenge confinement odors that can be generated by product ingredients during the life of a product. Learn more

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Case Histories:

  • Nestle Extends Pasta´s Shelf Life By 50%
  • Foster Farms: Turkey pack "gobbles" up oxygen scavenger technology
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