Cook-in Packaging Materials

Our CN line of cook-in packaging reflects our commitment to extensive research and product innovation, all to ensure you have the highest product yield for your smoked and processed meats. We offer a variety of materials that meet the USDA food safety regulations for Ready-To-Eat (RTE) meat products. Our advanced cook-in bags and casings allow processed meat and poultry products to be shipped in the same package in which they are cooked. Our high-performance, multi-layer structures for cook-and-ship, cook-and-strip and cook-and-freeze applications dramatically improve yield and protect product quality.
Available in bag or pre-clipped, shirred or flat sheet casing form and are available printed or pigmented to enhance branding
Comply with FDA and USDA regulations for high humidity, water cooking and microwave applications
Moisture-resistant and tough enough to withstand the abuses of loading, cooking, cooling and shipping
Provide production efficiencies, operating economies, and ease of handling at the retail level