Cheese and Dairy Packaging for Foodservice Operators

There’s a Cryovac® solution for every type of cheese. And each one is designed to maintain product integrity and extend quality life with less waste and more efficient distribution. From vacuum shrink bags with easy-to-open features to rollstock packaging for foodservice and deli applications, we’re your source for every style packaging, no matter what style of cheese.

Barrier bags

for blocks and loaves maintain product quality and extend shelf life with less waste and more efficient distribution.

VFFS materials

for shredded and grated cheese applications up to 10 lbs.

Cryovac Grip & Tear® bags

easy, safe, knife-free opening - more>>

Vertical form-fill-seal pouches

for processed dairy products (sour cream, dips, sauces, dairy blends, etc.) and powders - more>>

Rollstock materials

offer excellent forming with consistent corner integrity to maximize yields for sliced, block and shredded cheese