Scavenging Verification System (SVS)

The Scavenging Verification System (SVS) label provides fast, safe and easy scavenging verification of OS Films
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  • Allows positive verification of oxygen scavenging; typically in less than 30 minutes, but in no more than two hours
  • The SVS reader automatically controls the temperature of the label and automatically repeats the readings until a positive or negative conclusion to the test is reached
  • Fast, safe and easy scavenging verification to confirm that the film has been activated and the film is scavenging properly.
  • Eliminates the need to run extended headspace tests to confirm oxygen is removed from package.
  • Applications include smoked and processed meats, cheeses, baked goods, fresh pasta and dry food products such as coffee, nuts, drink and baking mixes, and other snack foods
  • The SVS Unit complements the Oxygen Scavenging Film by providing customers with a quick QC test to confirm their products are getting the maximum oxygen protection in flexible packaging materials.
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