Cryovac® Freshness Plus® VPP

When it comes to maximizing product flavor and color over long periods of time, Cryovac® Freshness Plus® films are light years ahead of conventional packaging materials.
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  • Polymer film
  • Proprietary active oxygen barrier
  • Positive return on investment
  • Expand distribution
  • Greener, more sustainable choice

How It Works

While most films only contain a passive oxygen barrier, Freshness Plus® for VPP is an active barrier oxygen scavenging film that removes any oxygen that migrates from the inside or outside of the packaging. The utilization of polymer film versus metalized polyester ensures there are no flex cracks, keeping oxygen from degrading the product. Blocking oxygen from the product results in maximized product flavor, color retention, longer production runs and better inventory control for foodservice operations.

Polymer Film

  • No flex cracks; less spoilage improves profit picture

Proprietary Active Oxygen Barrier

  • Keeps O2 from reaching and degrading product
  • Extends product shelf life allowing longer production runs and better inventory control
  • Maximizes product flavor and color retention

Positive Return on Investment

  • Saves on labor
  • Reduces product shrink (waste) due to spoilage
  • More efficient; lower cost shipping and handling


  • No metal stripping for recycling; easier and less costly to recycle
  • Reduces can recycling by 76%
  • More efficient shipping, storage and speed on the line
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Exotic fruit pulp
  • Fruit puree
  • 300 gallon tote and drum liners
  • 55 gallon drum liners
  • Rollstock (3- and 1-gal. pouches)
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