CLR Films

Multilayer coextruded films designed for foodservice-sized packages of lettuce, cabbage, chopped peppers and carrots. Also suitable for high respiring retail applications such as cole slaw and sugar snap peas.
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Controlled permeability provides proper oxygen and carbon dioxide balance
  • Optimal use on vertical form-fill-seal equipment
  • Great clarity and ideal gloss
  • Gas transmission rates compatible with natural respiration rate of medium respiring products
  • Excellent hot tack and seal strength across a wide sealing range
  • Extended shelf-life
  • Films minimize off flavors and aromas when proper temperature control is maintained
  • Assures the product inside will attract customers
  • 5-pound iceberg and 2.5 or 3-pound chopped Romaine lettuces, cabbage, chopped peppers and shredded carrots for foodservice
  • Retail applications for high respiring items, such as cole slaw and sugar snap peas
  • Available in several OTR ranges
  • Available plain or surface printed in singlewound rolls
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