Cryovac® BSC 6000 Chub Film

High speed retail chub packaging of ground meats and sausage products- with a flap-less seal
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Creates a flap-less seal that prevents obscuring of print on package, making graphics available around the whole package
  • Excellent slip characteristics
  • High abuse, excellent gloss and optics, and exceptional memory
  • High barrier properties
  • Prevents freezing agents from settling beneath the flap
  • Provides smoother packaging on high-speed equipment
  • An attractive, tight package from production to in-home refrigerator
  • Maximum shelf life
  • Ground sausage, ground beef and ground turkey
  • Available in white or clear
  • Printable up to ten colors
  • Variety of sizes available from one to ten pounds
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