Cryovac® BDF 2060 Film

Shrink film alternative for packaging many oxygen-sensitive, perishable products
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • A multilayered, coextruded film formulated with anti-fog, oxygen and aroma barrier properties
  • Medium to high slip and impressive machinability
  • Can be hermetically sealed and used for modified-atmosphere applications
  • Highly resistant to punctures, tears and abrasions
  • Can print around the entire circumference of the package
  • Easy tray changeover for medium-sized processor
  • Compatible with Cryovac®NatureTRAY™ to provide an eco-friendly package
  • Superior gloss and sheen
  • Excellent see-through and contact clarity provides maximum merchandising appeal
  • Can be run with a variety of trays and on various types of equipment
  • Modified-atmosphere applications such as ground poultry, fresh and processed meats, and a variety of prepared foods
  • Refrigerated seafood products with Time Temperature Indicator
  • High-profile and irregularly shaped products
  • 75 or 1 mil multi-layer barrier film
  • Full print capabilities
  • Can run on various types of equipment

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