Cryovac® EZPak Easy-Open Tray

Made with an easy-release structure built right into the tray, it's the only easy-open barrier tray designed to work with our unique shrink lidding films that can be plain or trap printed.
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  • Benefits
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  • Specifications
  • Easy open feature that really works. See how easy
  • Modified atmosphere package for better quality life of meat
  • Tray sealant formulated to seal through contamination
  • Enhanced merchandising appeal due to trap printing capabilities and tight clear lid stock
  • Consumers will appreciate how they can easily open the package by simply pulling the film away from the tray.
  • No pulling or tugging on film or having to cut the package open with a knife.
  • Works with existing MAP tray/lid equipment; designed for high speed sealing on standard tray sealing systems
  • Sliced deli meats, smoked and processed meats, and fresh poultry.
  • Variety of tray sizes available including sizes suitable for club store amounts of meat

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