Versatile snap-on lidded tray offers a reclosable option to replace the tub/laminate package
Add more "Snap!" to Your Products with the reclosable Deli-Snap! tray. This unique package with a snap-on lid stands out in the supermarket case with features such as custom tray shapes or embossed logos. Hanging options are also available for a vertical case.
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Package includes tray, plain or printed barrier lidstock and snap-on lid
  • Extended shelf life with low oxygen modified atmosphere
  • Variety of tray sizes available including sizes suitable for club store amounts of meat
  • Package runs on standard tray/lid equipment and is fitted with a reclosable lid that can be labeled or embossed
  • Available in peg board, standing or lay-flat display options
  • Package is created all in line on one packaging line, saving manufacturing processes and energy
  • Offers versatility for processors and retailers to be able to choose from a variety of film, tray and lidding options
  • One system operation that makes a reclosable option available without adding the extra equipment cost of a laminate machine
  • More eco-friendly, especially with source reduction relative to tub/ laminate package.
  • sliced deli meats, smoked and processed meats
  • Variety of tray and lidding options available
  • Printed or plain lidstock film
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