Cryovac® C5000 Cook/Chill Bags & Casings

High performance Cryovac® C5000 casings offer a versatile solution for cook/chill applications for a variety of kettle-cooked foods
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  • Versatility to package a variety of kettle-cooked foods that can be pumped directly into the casing or hand filled, then chilled or frozen, stored, distributed, and reheated in the casing
  • Foods can be pumped into the casing at above pasteurization temperature assuring greater protection against bacteria
  • Dual clip design ensures positive closure
  • Oxygen and moisture barriers protect "just cooked" flavors throughout distribution to ensure longer product life
  • Superior durability to easily withstand the rigors of handling and distribution
  • Improved sanitation due to high temperature compatibility
  • Because of its special formulation, the C5000 casing can withstand the "shock" of transfer from deep-freeze to hot water when reheated
  • Reduced returns and damage claims from ruptured products
  • Soups, chili, chowders, stews, casseroles, pasta dishes, Sauces, gravies, syrups, toppings, and more
  • This coextruded, multi-layered material has superior strength enabling it to withstand temperature extremes from 210°F at filling to -20°F for freezing.
  • The casing is pre-clipped on one end. After filling, the open end is also closed with a metal clip. A contents label with code dating can be affixed with the clip

Announcing: Sealed Air and Plascon Packaging, Inc. have entered into an agreement whereby Plascon obtains the Cryovac® C5000 tubing and converts it into heat-sealed bags and clipped casings. Click here for information on how you can now obtain your bag and casing requirements from Plascon Packaging.

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