B4680TGP Bags for Beef Ribs

High abuse, multi-layer barrier bags for beef ribs packaging with built-in boneguard protection for retail display or export
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  • Two-sided seal-through patch boneguard beef ribs bag with the patch extending past the edge of the bag
  • Specifically locates patch protection only where it's needed, assuring optimum protection with minimum material
  • Superior oxygen barrier and exceptional strength combined with unusually high impact strength to provide exceptional resistance to punctures, snagging and tears.
  • Unique patch placement allows consumer to see more of the product instead of the package
  • Processors can offer a high-abuse rib bag with excellent oxygen barrier properties and outstanding retail merchandisability for almost any bone-in cut
  • Perfect for multi-bone products such as beef back ribs and short ribs
  • Available in bag widths from 7” to 11”

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