Oven Ease® Ovenable Packaging

Oven Ease® packaging opens up a world of delicious new product options that go straight into the oven in the package for simpler, safer cooking with little preparation. We’ve taken “easy” to a whole new level - easy production, easy preparation, easy cooking, easy clean-up and, with expanded product offerings, easier profits.
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  • Combines Cryovac® vacuum packed freshness with cooking convenience
  • Eliminates pre-cook preparation- just place the product in the oven and cook while doing other things
  • Delivers tender, consistent results no matter who is cooking
  • Quick and easy clean up with a one-step package
  • Good for cuts of meat consumers are unsure how to cook
  • Offers new opportunities to expand seasoning choices
  • No need to touch the uncooked product, prevents cross-contamination
  • Runs on existing equipment
  • Provides the opportunity to offer value-added products such as seasoned meats without capital cost
  • Creates the ability to open new markets - including the ability to target store brands
  • Enables seasonal and/or regional offerings, Kosher foods, and special occasion meals
  • Reduces shrink for cuts of meat today's consumers are unsure of how to cook
  • Meets consumers' needs for hassle-free meal prep and the convenience of unattended cooking
  • Offers innovation in the “fresh meat aisle”
  • Ideal for pre-seasoned or pre-marinated products
  • Roasts, Ribs, Tenderloins, Poultry and Seafood
  • Pre-cooked pulled pork, hamburger patties, chicken pieces
  • Re-heat fully cooked products such as hams and smoked turkeys
  • Heavy duty and abuse resistance materials available in multiple gauges (2, 2.5 and 3 mils)
  • Suitable cooking temperatures: up to 375°F (190°Celsius) for 4 hours, depending on application

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