8600S Rotary Vacuum Chamber System

Fresh Meats Smoked Processed Smoked Processed Poultry2 SEA food
Rotary chamber vacuum machine that tackles sanitation concerns of processors in the ready-to-eat market
  • Overview
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Advanced models that automatically vacuum package food products in Cryovac® bags
  • Developed according to American Meat Institute (AMI) and National Sanitation Federation guidelines
  • The only system designed to meet the 10 AMI strict sanitary guidelines for day-to-day cleaning and inspection
  • Stainless steel components and fasteners eliminate corrosion and simplify sanitation and cleaning efforts
  • PLC controls provide advanced monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities
  • A fully automatic central lubrication system ensures all critical wear components are properly lubricated at all times
  • Poultry, Fresh Red Meat, Smoked & Processed, and Cheese
  • Speeds up to 60 cycles per minute
  • Can handle bag widths up to 14"
  • Max. Product Size: 6" H x 10" W x 16" L
  • One set of product supports
  • Dual seal wires
  • Machine-mounted soft discharge system
  • Standard 4 ft. discharge conveyor
  • Standard spare parts kit
  • System status readout and fault monitoring
  • Convenient automatic central lubrication system
  • Dual 3 mm wide impulse seal ribbon

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