PakFormance® - Equipment & Modules

A set of Equipment & Modules enabling tracing, identification, line flow control, and automatic labelling/weighing and sizing of your products

The PakFormance® Equipment Modules available for your packaging line include:

Product Identification Module (PIM)

Touch screen enabling product identification, Batch management and central machine control.
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Product Sizing Module (PSM)

Measures dynamically and automatically the dimensions of naked products enabling automatic bag size selection, product grading according to preset rules and line flow control.
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Product Labeling Module (PLM)

Dispenses labels automatically that can be applied onto naked or already packed products.
Dynamically able to print any type of information,constant, variable, logo or bar code.
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Queue & Curved Conveyor Modules (QCM & CCM)

A full range of line controlled conveyors allowing tracing of naked or already packed products.
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Product Weighing Module (PWM)

Automatically weighs naked or packed products in dynamic or static mode.
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Automatic Product Labeling Module (APLM)

The APLM is an unrivalled equipment in the market place allowing for the automatic printing and labeling of naked products, with high precision label placement, and product dependant dynamic label formatting.
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Bag Presenter Module (BP15M)

The BP15M is a stainless steel frame on wheels with 6 bag boxes; and up to 6 newly designed BW550 bag winders. To use the complete PakFormance® bag selection functionality, 6 BW550s are required.
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Loading Unit Module (LU15M)

The PakFormance® LU15M has been spe-cially designed to assist the loading operation, reducing operator efforts and increasing loading output.
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Bag Loading Machine (BLM-01)

The BLM-01 is a defined combination of PakFormance® modules. It has been especially designed to increase the productivity of the manual bag loading of fresh meat (FM) products into Cryovac® bags.
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