Providing value through the effective use of information

PakFormance® is a powerful combination of Software -Hardware-Equipment-Modules and Services providing the ability to measure, control and improve both processes and costs of your packaging line(s).
Key Benefits:
  • Increased productivity and performance:
    • Key equipment and process monitoring for immediate reaction to deviations.
    • Product Flow control.
  • Labour savings:
    • Process automation
  • Enhanced tracking and trace-ability:
    • Product, equipment, material data capture
  • Optimised and reduced operating costs:
    • Powerful analysis and reporting tools.
  • Packaging material optimization:
    • Product and packaging material information collection.
  • Process improvement:
    • Batch and order management.
  • Reduced equipment service costs:
    • Remote maintenance and support for quicker trouble-shooting and repair.
Key Features:
  • Modular:
    • Three separated packages with increasing levels of functionality
  • Flexible and Configurable:
    • For simple and complex solutions, variety of packaging applications and operations, integration with existing MES and ERP.
  • Scalable:
    • From single line to complete packaging rooms.
  • Supportable:
    • Windows-based, robust network, professional data management and remote access.
Services :
In order to maximize the benefits and values of PakFormance®, customer projects require the appropriate analysis of needs and opportunities. This ensures that the optimal line configuration / Layout and appropriate software are implemented. Hence the following “smart” services are available to support PakFormance® projects:
  • Overall Project Management
  • Engineering Services
  • IS Maintenance Services
Product specifications, brands and availablity may vary depending on your geographic location. Refer to the country selector at the top of this page to browse product in your region.