cre8 - Creating the future of packaging.

From idea to concept to shelf, we help manufacturers, brand owners and retailers stay ahead of the market

Since 2006, cre8 has worked on over 600 packaging projects for Europe's top retailers and manufacturers
Our visualisation tools can get you to market faster
To make the right decisions about your packaging choices you need to be able to visualise your options. Our unique 3D visualisation service brings you realistic images of your packed products before they are even manufactured, saving you time.
Our ideas can bring real value and differentiation
Our ideas for creative design - combined with Cryovac® technology as a brand building tool - will help you develop differentiated products that stand out in today's competitive retail environment. Create real value, convenience and experience for your consumers.
Designed for modern merchandising
People are demanding more from the products they buy: more visibility, enhanced convenience, better experience. We can help you to design products that excel throughout the value chain; from production right through to merchandising and ultimately, use by the consumer.
Select one (or as many) of the cre8 services that meets your needs
Our flexible and adaptable structure offers a solution whatever stage your project is at.
3D visualisation
Innovative packaging ideas
Structural design, mock-ups, samples
Research, development and consumer insight
Short term projects. When you need to quickly visualise your options & ideas.
Medium term projects. When you are looking for new and unique ways to pack your products.
Real physical samples for testing and evaluation.
Long term projects. When you need a real in-depth understand of consumers and un-met needs.
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