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Posted September 10, 2014

With the new VS9X vacuum sealing machine from Sealed Air efficiency is signed, sealed and delivered

The food sector's stringent requirements for operational efficiency, packaging integrity and attractive presentation are in excellent hands with the latest Sealed Air vacuum belt machine. The VS9X raises the bar in productivity, hygiene, maintenance and performance monitoring and is compatible with all Sealed Air bag packaging innovations, including easy opening features. An UltraSeal® microprocessor controlled sealing system ensures consistently reliable seal quality, while an advanced Vacuum Control System (VCS) facilitates extended shelf life. Easy cleaning and maintenance, as well as easy operation, are on the agenda – together with the option of production line monitoring with PakFormance® Insight for maximising machine uptime. Read more

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Posted July 16, 2014

Sealed Air is right on trend with oceans of ideas for the European fish market – and WEFTA sponsorship

The Sealed Air product portfolio is a big catch when it comes to satisfying the latest fish and seafood consumption trends in Europe. Its innovative packaging products and systems are enablers of food safety, provenance transparency, sustainability, convenience, healthy eating, indulgence and affordable luxury. These are top priorities among producers, retailers and consumers of the 12.3 million tons of fish eaten in the region per year. Creating appealing new categories and sub-categories, positively influencing eating and cooking habits, as well as highlighting the high nutritional value of fish and seafood, feature on the solution menu. Walking its talk, Sealed Air also joined the West European Fish Technologists Association (WEFTA) as a Gold Sponsor at its recent summit held in Bilbao. Read more about Fish packaging

*Source: The EU Fish market 2014 Edition – European Commission

Posted May 14, 2014

Darfresh® on Tray collects PackTheFuture award at Interpack 2014

Long shelf life and food safety excellence were key factors in securing Sealed Air a prestigious award in the Product Protection category of the sustainable plastic packaging award, "PackTheFuture 2014*", for Darfresh® on Tray. This revolutionary pre-made tray system with versatile vacuum skin convinced the jury with its assurance of reduced aerobic bacteria growth, consistent quality, easy checks of pack integrity and ability to significantly extend shelf life for chilled and frozen proteins. Developed in cooperation with G. Mondini S.P.A., this innovative packaging solution comprises specially formulated skin top web materials and pre-made rigid trays to create a vacuum "second skin" for the food product. Its capacity to make a meaningful contribution to food wastage reduction, as well as a 30 to 50% decrease in pack volume as compared to standard MAP alternatives, ticked many sustainability boxes too. Sealed Air received its award in a special ceremony at the world's leading packaging trade fair, Interpack on 13 May 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The PackTheFuture award is a joint initiative of the French Plastic and Flexible Packaging Association - Elipso - and the German Plastics Packaging Association - IK Industrievereiningung Kunstoffverpackungen e.V.. It focuses on promoting to the public the innovative and creative potential of all kinds of plastic packaging.

Posted April 29, 2014

Cryovac® PakFormance® Insight brings food and beverage industry packaging lines new levels of efficiency

An innovative integrated platform for remote Sealed Air packaging line connectivity offers a combination of operational convenience and process visibility. Providing both real time and historical data, Cryovac® PakFormance® Insight is committed to making a measurable contribution to increasing productivity and reducing downtime. This Sealed Air remote access system implements the same technology as is used in high-security environments such as government, banking and healthcare. Only Internet access is required for its operation, meaning no extra expenditure on special IT network configurations. Read more

Posted April 24, 2014

Packaging proves its worth as a facilitator of food waste reduction

With around 90 million tonnes of food being wasted in the EU each year, and a worldwide carbon footprint of food waste equivalent to twice the global greenhouse gas emission of all road transportation in the USA*, it's time for urgent action.

Wrapped up in disturbing statistics like these is a growing awareness that packaging plays a critical role in preventing food waste, through its significant capacity to protect and preserve. Sealed Air leads the field in developing and implementing packaging solutions to help reduce the amount of produce that fails to reach the plate.
Here is a selection of the focus areas:
- Shelf life extension that innovations such as Darfresh® vacuum skin packs deliver, enabling shelf-life of up to four weeks.
- Optimal portion control offered, for example, by the Darfresh® Flex/Flex+ system.
- Meaningful convenience features like ultra-reliable resealability.

Portion control and user convenience have a particularly positive impact since over 40% of food is wasted in the domestic household**. Read more

* ((Source)) – The European Commission (quoted in a House of Lords EU Committee report – April 2014) ** Source: Bio Intelligence Service prepared for The European Commission

Posted Jan. 24, 2014

Patent Pending tray sealing technology is cut out for efficiency

Darfresh® on Tray combines a revolutionary pre-made tray system with versatile vacuum skin. This new food packaging solution is geared to producers and packers with a preference for pre-made trays and/or an offline loading process. Capitalising on the leading technical expertise demonstrated by the proven Darfresh® family, it brings a comprehensive benefit spectrum to the fresh red meat, poultry, fish and processed meat sectors, focused on efficiency and sustainability. Unique measurable differentiators include the elimination of scrap due to an innovative film cutting process, the integration of Darfresh® vacuum valves for optimal productivity and a 30 to 50% reduction in pack volume as compared to standard MAP packaging.
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Posted Jan. 22rd, 2014

Cryovac® aseptic packaging is an airtight solution for bringing safety, freshness and sustainability to the consumer goods sector

An innovative aseptic platform from Sealed Air's Cryovac® brand extends the shelf life of unrefrigerated food and beverages, while maintaining nutritional value, flavour and the highest safety standards. Material downgauging, the use of light, aluminium-free high barrier film structures and the elimination of HFC refrigerant emissions, join forces to meet ambitious sustainability objectives. This advanced technology is a major plus for the dairy, vegetable and fruit products industries.
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Posted Jan. 2nd, 2014

Enduro Power - phenomenal foam mixes 50% less water usage and 33% lower chemical levels with high performance

Tried and tested by a wide range of food and beverage producers, the latest cleaning foam innovation from Diversey can support its visible difference with hard facts. Facilities with the most stringent hygiene, cost and sustainability targets, from poultry and fish processors to dairy product manufacturers have put Enduro Power through its paces and been impressed with the results. Key ingredients of this success are up to 50% less water usage, a reduction of up to 33% in chemical levels and a rinse time up to 50% shorter than standard foams. Users in the highly competitive and cost-sensitive pizza manufacturing sector recorded a 20% saving in overall cleaning expenditure after switching to the new product.
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