Ready Meals Packaging for Food Processors

Quality is the key to successful meal solutions

Cryovac® packaging solutions are designed to promote ready meals.
Today’s shoppers look for meals that are quick, easy to prepare, and delicious. Sealed Air offers the most comprehensive ready meals packaging offer. We provide custom-tailored solutions for any type of meals preparation, distribution and merchandising, offering extended shelf-life, convenience, cook-in the pack, reheating in the pack, microwaveability, etc.
Cryovac® packaging solutions offer many advantages:
To processors:
  • Increased production efficiencies;
  • Convenient and differentiated packaging solutions;
  • Extensive knowledge of food products and of latest food processing technologies.
To consumer:
  • Convenient and attractive packs;
  • Enhanced product freshness;
  • Reliable product preservation and extended shelf-life;
  • Microwaveability.
Discover our Packaging Solutions dedicated Ready Meals Market:
  • Prepared Meals
  • Meals components
  • Pizza
  • Salads &
  • Baby Food