Cryovac® Wrap-it trays

Designed and suitable for the most common and uncommon
wrapping applications.

Cryovac® is a family of rigid trays that are designed and suitable for the most common and uncommon wrapping applications. Many of our trays are suitable for stretch overwrap applications, however we also have a specific range of trays designed for CRYOVAC BDF® overwrap applications. There are many more applications that can be thought of for wrapping applications and include Cryovac® packaging systems such as SES, SSD, MRX which all require suitable trays.

Special properties Typical applications Product
  • Oval desing to compensate residual film shrink tension
  • No visual distortion.
  • Non abusive flange
  • Easy denesting
  • Microwaveable for re-heating and de-frosting applications.
  • Available in various colours
  • Designed for Cryovac BDF® packaging solution
  • For MAP horizontal flow packaging of fresh foods, including pizza and prepared meals.
  • BDF T (CRYOVAC BDF® Rigid Trays)
  • Robust to cope with the modern distribution and retailing chain
  • 4 tray sizes covering the complete European fresh whole chicken retail offer.
  • The range of trays will pack from 0.75 Kg up to 2.5 Kg birds needed for the UK market.
  • PVC-free
  • Available in various colours especially white, blue, yellow and clear.
  • Designed for Cryovac® SES packaging solution
  • whole fresh birds
  • WBT (Whole bird tray) WBBT
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