Cryovac® Lid-it trays

Specifically designed for lidding applications.

Cryovac® trays are all specifically designed for lidding applications. They comprise a range of foam and rigid trays and supports which are based on different raw materials and polymers such as PS, PVC or PP. Depending on customer needs and requirements the trays vary in composition, color, depth and size. Also, the sealing and barrier properties of the trays are specifically designed to satisfy shelf life requirements for all fresh food packaging applications.
Special properties Typical applications Product
  • High oxygen and water vapour barrier. Consistent properties and precise dimensions Available in a vaste choice of formats and colours. Pre-padding option speeds output. Easy-opening.
  • MAP tray lidding of Processed meats, fresh meats, bacon, fresh poultry, cheeses
  • BFT
    (Barrier Foam Trays)
  • Flat foam supports, with barrier liner Designed for Cryovac Slicepak® Plus System for sliced products. Improved process flexibility optimal freshness presentation.
  • MAP tray lidding of Processed meats, fresh meats, bacon, fresh poultry.
  • BFS
    (Slicepak® Plus Barrier Foam Supports)
  • Ultra barrier rigid trays
  • Microwaveable for re-heating and defrosting.
  • Designed for Cryovac® LidSys™ MAP packaging solution.
  • Available in different sizes and colours (upon request), padded and unpadded.
  • Offer extended shelf-life in combination with Cryovac® EOP and LID2050/3050 lidding films.
  • Designed for Cryovac® SES packaging solution
  • Recyclable
  • For MAP tray lidding of low and high oxygen applications (processed meat or fresh meat with long shelf life requirement)
  • Cryovac® UBRT
  • Rigid, pasteurizable and/or microwaveable trays
  • Specific shape for easy denesting
  • Smooth wall design for optimal vacuum and skin effect
  • Specific easy opening structure
  • chlorine-free
  • available in different size
  • Colours: clear, white and black
  • Designed for Cryovac® Simple Steps® tray packaging for “ready meals and meal components” applications in vacuum skin tray systems.
  • UBST
    (Ultra Barrier skin trays)
    (Easy Opening skin trays)
  • Dual ovenable
  • Convenient package
  • Significant packaging weight reduction
  • Cool to the touch
  • Improved mechanical resistance (reduced brittleness)
  • Squeezable for effective disposal
  • Differentiation on shelf
  • Easy handling for line operator
  • Designed for lidding applications for both chilled and frozen ready meals to be re-heated or cooked, including pizzas. See also: n’Oven packaging solution
  • OFT
    (ovenable foam trays)
  • Superb pack presentation in combination with stretchable shrinkable Cryovac® SES321.
  • High abuse resistance of the final pack
  • Specific tray shape designed for whole birds
  • Available pre-padded with Cryovac Pads
  • Chlorine-free
  • Whole birds
  • WBBT
    (Whole bird barrier tray)