Cryovac® Shrink Bags

Cheese Curing Shrink Bags

We offer the widest range of shrink bags available on the market to match your needs exactly. Whichever bags you choose, the Cryovac® brand is your guarantee of superior protection and outstanding presentation.
Special properties Typical applications Product
  • Controlled permeability for cheese applications
  • Specially designed for “cure in the bag” cheese applications
  • Excellent sealability through pleats and folds
  • Optimal machineability, due to high rigidity of the material.
  • Cheese curing, long storage and distribution.
  • BK3550
  • BK3950
  • Medium abuse barrier bag with overlap seal for hard or heavy cheese products
  • Increased productivity due to its overlap seal
  • Excellent sealability through folds.
  • Outstanding presentation
  • Products requiring higher mechanical resistance, automated packaging lines
  • OSB4550