Providing value through the effective use of information

PakFormance® is a powerful combination of Software -Hardware-Equipment-Modules and Services providing the ability to measure, control and improve both processes and costs of your packaging line(s).
Key Benefits:
  • Increased productivity and performance:
    • Key equipment and process monitoring for immediate reaction to deviations.
    • Product Flow control.
  • Labour savings:
    • Process automation
  • Enhanced tracking and trace-ability:
    • Product, equipment, material data capture
  • Optimised and reduced operating costs:
    • Powerful analysis and reporting tools.
  • Packaging material optimization:
    • Product and packaging material information collection.
  • Process improvement:
    • Batch and order management.
  • Reduced equipment service costs:
    • Remote maintenance and support for quicker trouble-shooting and repair.
Key Features:
  • Modular:
    • Three separated packages with increasing levels of functionality
  • Flexible and Configurable:
    • For simple and complex solutions, variety of packaging applications and operations, integration with existing MES and ERP.
  • Scalable:
    • From single line to complete packaging rooms.
  • Supportable:
    • Windows-based, robust network, professional data management and remote access.
Services :
In order to maximize the benefits and values of PakFormance®, customer projects require the appropriate analysis of needs and opportunities. This ensures that the optimal line configuration / Layout and appropriate software are implemented. Hence the following “smart” services are available to support PakFormance® projects:
  • Overall Project Management
  • Engineering Services
  • IS Maintenance Services