Overwrapping barrier shrink films

MAP Packaging

A new generation of Cryovac BDF® antifog films for overwrapping supported or unsupported fresh food consumer units using a range of qualified horizontal form-fill-seal machines. It is ideally suited for modified atmosphere case ready, fresh pizza and ready meals applications with shelf life extension and attractive pack appeal.
Special properties Typical applications Product
  • Designed for Cryovac BDF® MAP packaging solution
  • Superb anti-fog properties, shrink and optics to enhance merchandising and consumer appeal
  • Minimise environmental impact / reduce packaging waste recovering fee
  • Outstanding machineability and excellent mechanical properties
  • Maximum flexibility and versatility. Can be used with any tray or support
  • High Oxygen Barrier with leak-proof seals provides extended freshness and Security
  • Plain or print up to 7 colours
  • Three thickness levels for different applications
  • Cryovac BDF® Family