Darfresh® Bottom webs

The Darfresh® Bottom family is a wide range of multilayer and easy opening materials in the range from 200 up to 700um.
Darfresh® Bottom in combination with Darfresh® Top ensures all the benefits of Vacuum Skin Packaging
Special properties Typical applications Product
  • A wide range of thickness available
  • White, black, clear, metallised finish
  • Continuous or registered printable up to 8 colours
  • High barrier
  • High formability
  • Reliable Easy Opening
  • Bottom webs to suit a wide range of tray shapes/depths - Chilled and frozen applications. Chilled and frozen ready meals and meals component
  • Chilled and frozen applications
  • Chilled and frozen ready meals and meals component
  • RSCxxx
  • RSWxxx
  • RSBxxx
  • SCEVxxx
  • EGEVxxx
  • From 400 to 700 um, in black, white and translucent
  • Microwave “Heat & Serve” packaging without need to peel off or to puncture the film.
  • Enhanced “steam-assisted” cooking
  • Pack rigidity to limit tray deformation after cooking and ease handling of hot packs
  • High barrier, chlorine free
  • Microwaveable and heat treatable bottom web - Chilled and frozen ready meals and meals component
  • MWBxxx
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