Cryovac® Fill-it

For a wide range of applications, from dairy to coleslaws, to salads & peanuts.

All products to be filled with liquids or solids or combinations and closed with a snap on lid. Usually products such as round or square pots and tubs, decorated or plain. Applications cover a wide range, from dairy to coleslaws, to salads & peanuts.

Special properties Typical applications Product
  • The Cryovac® range of pots and lids is suitable for use in the retail and take-away markets in either printed or plain format. Standard lines are available in both round and square formats and in a number of sizes/diameters.
  • The range is made from clear or white PP material, making it suitable for both chilled and microwaveable food products.
  • Retail and take-away markets.
  • Cryovac® Pots & Lids
  • Made from Cryovac® "Vision" polyolefin material, the range offers excellent clarity and is fit for use in packing both chilled and microwaveable products. The bowls are supplied with tight-fitting lids to ensure full product protection
  • Chilled and microwaveable products
  • Cryovac® Salad Bowls
  • Maximise fruit protection throughout the distribution chain.
  • Auto-liddable punnets are fully compatible with current machine lidding systems.
  • Pre-placement and gluing of our improved performance AirCap® "Bubble Wrap" pad assists damage prevention and reduces pad wastage when picking.
  • Fresh fruits
  • Cryovac® Soft Fruit Punnets & Lids