Cryovac® Sealappeal®

The sustainable tray lidding MAP packaging solution

Part of the Cryovac® Case-Ready portfolio, Cryovac® Sealappeal® packaging solution offers many benefits.
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Operational Efficiency
  • Exceptional seal through contamination performances on qualified full Mono APET trays.
  • New, thinner film permits longer rolls, less machine downtime.
  • Best-in-class mechanical resistance to maximise output on high speed machines.
  • Less green fees and disposal costs.
  • From 20% to 30% reduction in thickness versus standard laminates
  • Reduction of energy consumption during film production
  • Contributes to greater sustainability
Food Safety
  • Optimal retail efficiency and consumer convenience thanks to unique sealability properties combined with tailored MAP fresh proteins shelf-life requirements.
  • Leak proof packs
High Consumer appeal
  • Unrivalled product appeal thansk to outstanding optics.
  • Smooth and tight pack presentation
  • Antifog to enhance product merchandising appeal
Wide range of case-ready application of fresh proteins (fish, meat, poultry) with a shelf life of up to 10 days.
  • Cryovac® certified manual and automatic high speed lidding machines*
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