Cryovac Simple Steps®
Vacuum Skin Thermoforming for Microwave

Cryovac® packaging solutions are designed to promote your products.

In just 3 steps, dinner is on the table.

The Cryovac® Simple Steps® cook-in ability enables products to be cooked, shipped, and sold all in the same package. A unique self-venting system makes microwave reheating easier and safer, and vacuum skin packaging gives the food much greater merchandising appeal in the retail case, making Simple Steps® an appetising selection.
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Vertical display
Heat treatable and microwaveable webs suitable for in-pack pasteurization
Faster and more effective heat treatment versus MAP packs
Quicker chilling/freezing
Self-venting without perforation
Total pack integrity with easy opening

The system also comprises Simple Steps® F.T.F for off-line loading
From individual portioning to Gastronorm Flex-Tray-Flex version of Ready-Meals.

Note: Please contact a Cryovac sales representative to ensure the equipment chosen meets your unique needs. Contact us.
  • Specific range of Microwaveable and heat treatable bottom (MWBxxx) and top (THxx, TCxx)