Cryovac® packaging solutions are designed to promote your products. Cryovac DarfreshBloom® for bright red succulent meat

Now vacuum packs keep meat bright red

DarfreshBloom® is the ideal combination: vacuum and MAP. Second-skin packaging with a breathable film that allows oxygen to reach the entire top surface of the meat to maintain maximum customer appeal.
Part of the Cryovac® Case-Ready Portfolio, DarfreshBloom® offers many key benefits.
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Vertical Display without drip thanks to the skin technology
Appealing meat colour thanks to the unique combination of vacuum and MAP process
On-going maturation, thanks to the active packaging, improves the organoleptic quality of meat after being packed
Reduced headspace offers optimal pack size, ensuring better logistics, optimised retail shelf utilisation and less waste at consumer’s level.
Easy-opening provides more convenience for the end-consumers.
Excellent promotional options due to wide print capabilities of all three webs and the MAP compartment to insert promotional materials (leaflets, etc.)
Wide range of fresh meat products, especially beef, pork, veal and lamb and all fresh proteins colour sensitive to the lack of oxygen.
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