Cryovac® Cook- Chill

Cryovac® packaging solutions are designed to promote your products.

The remarkable efficiencies of Central Kitchen Preparation

With Cryovac® Cook-Chill packaging solutions you can either cold fill in the pack with a vacuum cooking afterwards, or cook before packing, hot fill in the pack and chill - almost every foods, from basic meal ingredients, semi-elaborated, to finished ready meals
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Excellent “just cooked” freshness, texture, flavour and colour, especially on Sous-Vide cooking.
Consistency :
Monitored preparation of recipes, uniformity in quality and taste
Cost optimisation:
Efficient use of professional skills, time and resources and economy of scale in purchasing, production and distribution
No manipulation of cooked food between cooking and serving (pasteurisation, vacuum, high barrier)
Easy to store and distribute, easy and quick to re-heat in boiling water, steam over or microwave.
Almost every foods, from basic meal ingredients, semi-elaborated, to finished ready meals. Can be liquids, fluids with or without particulates and solids
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