Retortable Vertical Pouch Packaging - Cryovac® Flavour Mark

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Alternative to metal or glass containers used in the foodservice industry today

Cryovac® Flavour Mark™ packaging solution provides processor and foodservice operator with numerous advantages over traditional metal cans or glass jars
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Available for volumes from 0,5 to 3,7 litres and offer nearly 100 percent product yield for foods such as meatballs in sauce, stews, soups, vegetables and sauces.
Secure, high-integrity seals survive the rigors of rough handling during distribution.
Provides lower material costs, more efficient storage, safer handling, more efficient labor, and lower waste disposal costs.
Offers substantial packaging savings over standard cans. One roll of Cryovac® Flavour Mark™ film can form enough pouches to package the equivalent of 1,600 standard cans (3,7 litres capacity) and occupies up to 88 times less storage
Adapted to a wide range of fluid or pumpable food products such as meatballs in sauce, stews, soups, vegetables and sauces.
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