Darfresh® On Tray

Specially formulated skin top web materials and pre-made rigid trays to create a vacuum "second skin" for the food product.

Cryovac® packaging solutions are designed to promote your products.
Visual appeal is ensured by the film's ability to wrap gently yet firmly around all contours without any risk of distortion. The possibility of in-pack maturation is an added advantage for fresh meats. The pre-made tray and Darfresh® skin top web are heat-sealed together right up to the product's edges to facilitate a secure pack, affording excellent hygiene and a long shelf life for chilled and frozen proteins. And with striking 3-D product presentation, as well as communication possibilities stretching to the tray, wrap and sleeve, consumer "appetites" also clearly appear on the commercial radar screen of Darfresh® on Tray. Part of the Case-Ready portfolio, Darfresh® On Tray packaging solution offers many benefits.
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A new Darfresh® packaging system using an innovative patent-pending technology based on tray sealing, which significantly extends marketing and merchandising opportunities.
Off-line loading
Extra Quality:
Flavours stay intact up to 20 days depending on the application.
High consumer appeal:
3-D second skin presentation, easy opening features.
Strong differentiated brand identity:
Vertical Facing & space saving on shrlves
Cost-effective production:
Increased output by up to 45% versus standard tray skin.
Reduced top film usage by up to 40% (no skeleton scrap).
Productivity comparable to standard MAP systems.
Industrial & consumer units of fresh meats, smoked & processed meat, fish and seafood, poultry cut-ups.
  • An exclusive development by G.Mondini S.p.A and Sealed Air*
  • Range of equipment*: Trave 340, 1000, 1200 and 590XL

*Note: Please contact a Sealed Air sales representative to ensure the equipment chosen meets your unique needs. Contact us.