Cryovac® Bake-Ready

Cryovac® packaging solutions are designed to promote your products.

Pre-packed bread, then fresh-baked in store in its primary packaging film

Part of the Sealed Air Cryovac portfolio, Cryovac® Bake-Ready™ packaging solution offers many benefits.
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Time, labour, space savings.
Improved hygiene.
Very easy, flexible operation.
Reliable quality, reduced distribution cycles, overall cost savings.
Crustiness and fresh-baked aroma at point of sale.
Food traceability and information
Ideal for new retail channels, e.g. foodservice, hard discount, minimarkets and petrol stations.
  • From entry level to high speed qualified Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines *

Note: Please contact a Cryovac sales representative to ensure the equipment chosen meets your unique needs. Contact us.
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