Aseptic HFFS Stand Up Pouch packaging solutions for consumer goods - Cryovac® Proaseptic®

Eye-catching functional portion pack for low and high acid liquid and viscous food and beverage products.

Cryovac® Proaseptic® packaging solutions provides an alternative to current aseptic rigid reclosable containers, offers differentiation by bringing packaging innovations to stand out from the crowded retailers' shelves.
The system can make different format sizes and is also capable of producing pouches with fitments for drinking or pouring purpose and allows exhaustive emptying of the package
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Differentiation & product enhancing
Trendy shapes
Large artwork area to appeal consumers
Transparent option opens product visibility possibilities
Added value product
Organoleptic properties protection
Allows ambient temperature storage
Long shelf life
Tactile safe package easy to handle
Allows completely product emptying, particularly for viscous products
Easy opening and afford reclosability
Can microwave and serve
Environment friendly
Low environmental impact
Aluminium-free high barrier materials
Light package
Minimum landfill once empty
Low and high acid liquid and viscous food and beverage products: dairy-based,
fruit-based and/or vegetable-based.

Note: Please contact a Cryovac sales representative to ensure the equipment chosen meets your unique needs. Contact us.
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