Cryovac® VPP

Cryovac® packaging solutions are designed to promote your products.

For fluids or pumpable food products,
with or without particulates.

Ideal to replace many of the existing rigid metal cans, glass containers or plastic pails with highly resistant, hermetically sealed and hygienic pillow pack pouches with minimal or no headspace, providing extra quality, security and increased shelf life of pumpable fluids and solids products.
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About 40% less volume than rigid packaging
Nearly 100% product yield
Total product protection, Sanitation and hygiene
Easy storage, handling and identification.
Easy to handle, store, stack, heat, reheat, cool or freeze.
No dangerous, jagged edges. No heavy containers to handle.
Reduced waste
Cost effectiveness: a very competitive cost per pack solution.
Adapted to a wide range of fluid or pumpable food products, with of without particulate such as olives in brine, fruits in syrup, vegetables in water, meat and poultry pieces in marinated liquid or sauces, and many other applications.