Sustainable growth and corporate citizenship


At Sealed Air, we are proud to have created products and services that help make the world a better place.
Now, we are faced with the challenge of guiding our customers and consumers in making “sustainable” choices in their business and purchasing decisions. One of our goals is to demonstrate how packaging technology prevents waste and is not just solely a source of waste.
From a sustainability standpoint, product wastage and energy usage are vital to consider when addressing the environmental impact of packaging

Industry is faced with a number of trade offs, balancing the need to reduce the environmental impact of packaging with the need to ensure that it performs well and prevents wastage of products in the supply chain.

Our goal at Sealed Air is to continue to work with customers and consumers in helping them make the most informed environmental decisions as it relates to packaging.


At Sealed Air, we view corporate citizenship as a business essential. It is where innovation and our Code of Conduct converge with environmental and social interests to create economic value and sustainable leadership in the marketplace.

Through the unyielding pursuit of innovation we will utilize our fundamental knowledge of packaging and performance-based materials to create sustainable products and services that help open the world culturally and economically.

We will create value for customers, shareholders and the world at large through innovation and a steady stream of valued-added products, systems and service revenues from both in and outside of packaging.

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