Smoked/Processed Meats Packaging for
Supermarket Retailers

Cryovac® technology for deli and processed meats extends quality life for fresh, delicious products and helps deliver consistent flavor, time after time. In fact, we've pioneered many of the deli and processed meat products in the market such as high performance shrink bags, tough boneguard bags for bone-in meats, cook-in bags and casings, and thermoform rollstock. You also get the benefit of unsurpassed visual appeal to drive your sales and lower shrink through high performance packaging materials.
In-the-Bag merchandising represents the best way to manage and merchandise the feature items that are so vital to your business. Check out the benefits of In-the-Bag merchadising for retailers.
Grab your customers' attention and give them the convenience they crave with packages like:
Proprietary technologies like the Darfresh® family of packages extend quality life, improve product appearance and visibility and provide clear product identification