Smoked/Processed Meats Packaging for
Food Processors

We have pioneered packaging systems in the smoked and processed meat industry such as high performance shrink bags, cook-in bags/casings, and Darfresh® vacuum skin packaging for a broad range of differentiated deli, smoked and processed meat products. Our constant innovation means thinner, tougher materials with superior print capabilities, automated systems, and the latest packaging technologies to improve food safety.
High-performance Shrink Bags
Bone-In or High Abuse Products
  • SP21
  • ST100
  • ST75
Boneless or Standard Products
  • Omni®
  • New Tech
Cook-in Packaging Materials
  • Post-Pasteurization / Non-adhesion Cook-in bag – CN530
Films and Rollstock
Darfresh® Vacuum Skin Packaging
Freshness Plus™ active packaging technologies
  • can minimize or eliminate the need for preservatives. Learn More