Simple Steps® Vacuum Skin Packaging

Allows delicious meats, produce, seafood, and ethnic foods to be microwaved and served in just three simple steps
Features and Benefits
  • Fewer steps in processing and eliminates secondary product handling: Raw products can be cooked in the package or pre-cooked products can be packaged and post-pasteurized - then shipped, displayed and sold in the same package
  • A "total seal" helps keep product stationary in the tray and reduces leakers associated with conventional perimeter seals.
  • Vacuum film contours to the product for clearer identification of what's inside and adapts to the shape and size of the product making it suitable for high and low profile products.
  • Food can be served directly from the tray, so less clean up is required
  • Easy-open feature: peel off top film after heating instead of cutting open a hot pouch
  • No need to puncture or cut the package before or after heating, eliminating cuts or burns
  • Stay Cool side handles for easy removal of hot food from the microwave
  • Heating the product is a cleaner process, because irritating microwave splatters are eliminated
  • Freezer-ready, can be thawed in microwave
Product Applications
  • Meats, sides and combo meals
  • Produce
  • Seafood entrees can be distributed frozen and sold case ready in the same package
  • Ethnic foods – see examples