Ready Meals Packaging for
Food Processors

Packaging your products using Cryovac® microwaveable and dual ovenable technologies can provide a critical point of difference in the rapidly growing ready-to-heat and ready-to-cook categories. Thanks to our revolutionary packaging technology, serving everything from fresh steamed asparagus and broccoli to pork and poultry is as simple as one, two, three.
Microwavable Packaging Options
Simple Steps® vacuum skin packaging allows delicious meats, produce, seafood, and ethnic foods to be microwaved and served in just three simple steps… more>
Simple Steps® Lidstock offers a printable lidstock and tray package for entrees, sides and fresh produce… more>
Dual Ovenable Packaging Options
n'Oven™ OFT Tray package is ideal for the oven with an easy-open lidding film that is removed prior to placing in the oven… more>
Flex-Tray-Flex package utilizes Cryovac® skin-pack technology to incorporate a tray packaged between two flexible films… more>