Ready Meals Packaging for
Foodservice Operators

Thanks to Simple Steps® technology, dishes that may be hard to prepare can come to the back of the house vacuum packed for freshness and ready to heat and serve. And it's not just fast and easy, it's as fresh and tasty as if it came straight from your kitchen.
Simple Steps® packaging is available in foodservice-sized trays compatible with steam tables or heat lamps. It is also an ideal option for limited time offers, easy menu extensions and effort-less take-out opportunities.

Imagine no take-out menu limitations. Imagine that you can simply and easily add new items, and rapidly introduce seasonal or promotional dishes. With Cryovac® Simple Steps® packaging your dream can be your reality. Items on your take-out menu could come from your supplier needing only re-heating before being carried home and enjoyed by your patrons.

Think about labor savings, product variety, quality, consistency, and food safety. Then think about how much simpler and more profitable take-out could become for you. You can offer the variety and consistency your customers want, without adding the capital investment you don't want. Take-out ready items also allow you to better manage peak demand periods without increasing production labor. And since you only sell what you serve, there's no shrink reduction or waste.
Simple Steps® take-out ready packaging offers:
  • A lidded tray, sized for one entrĂ©e
  • Food comes pre-cooked, vacuum packaged for freshness
  • Three easy steps to re-heat and serve
  • Serve food directly from the tray
  • Highest tested concept in consumer testing