Simple Steps® Packaging - Perfect for
Ethnic Foods

Consumers have less time to prepare dinner these days, but more cravings than ever for dishes with international flair. With convenient Cryovac® Simple Steps® packaging for ethnic foods, they can have higher quality fresh - not frozen - ethnic entrees, sauces, and sides. Bon Appetit!
Higher quality fresh - not frozen - ethnic entrees, sauces, and sides
Easier prep: food can be served directly from the tray, so less clean up is required
Safe, easy-open feature: no need to puncture or cut the package before or after heating, eliminating cuts or burns
Side handles remain cool for easy removal from the microwave
No irritating microwave splatters
Ready-to-Eat Products
Fewer steps in processing: raw products can be cooked in the package or pre-cooked products can be packaged and post-pasteurized - then shipped, displayed, and sold in the same package
Vacuum packaging locks in freshness and flavor, and allows tidy shingled retail display