Poultry Packaging for
Foodservice Operators

Poultry is a mainstay on your menus, and we know that ensuring that it is fresh and tasty is a critical factor in your success. That's why Cryovac® packaging technology locks in freshness to extend the quality life of your products. And with less handling and reduced risk of cross contamination, you can rest assured you're serving nothing but the best. Plus we offer added-value solutions that help you manage consistency and labor costs. Cryovac packaging solutions mean happy customers - and that can mean increased sales for you.
Extended quality life across poultry types

Specifically created to maintain freshness and ensure your signature flavor, our superior vacuum packaging provides a virtually impermeable barrier.

  • Vacuum shrink bags extend the quality life of poultry
Fresh is in demand

In a recent USA survey, 56% of consumers said they prefer casual dining restaurants that serve fresh meat over frozen, and 41% of them said they're willing to pay more.

  • Hermetically sealed, leak-resistant pouches for poultry parts, reduces risk of cross contamination
Added Value packaging

Our innovative packaging solutions mean great taste, labor efficiencies and expanded menu options

  • With the Marinade on Demand package, poultry can go from plain to deliciously flavored with an array of marinades, and you can ensure that the taste is consistent time and time again
  • Cook-in bags and rollstock materials reduce labor costs and offer consistent flavor
  • Simple Steps® Packaging is an ideal option for limited time offers, easy menu extensions and effort-less take-out opportunities