In-the-Bag Merchandising Ideas for
Supermarket Retailers

Giving shoppers what they want, when they want it is a goal few retailers deny. Achieving it is hard work. One of the great challenges is increasing revenues while simultaneously managing costs. For retailers, increased revenue often implies more variety, a higher in-stock position, and added value. Yet these same rewards may come with tradeoffs in higher shrink and backroom preparation costs. With Cryovac® In-the-Bag™ merchandising you can manage both, and satisfy your shoppers.

Shrink Management: Vacuum packaging locks in freshness, extends shelf life, enables cases to remain fully stocked at all times and reduces concerns about shrink.

Product Variety: Cryovac® vacuum packaging helps you reduce merchandising risk and increase revenue without adding costs. Keep your case full with a mix of value cuts that are ready to merchandise when you are, rather than having to react to filling holes.

On-Package Communication: We utilize the latest print technology to make packaging stand out in the meat case. Put prepared product photos, cooking information and recipes right where shoppers need it, all without straining backroom operations.

Convenience: Our easy-open QuickRip™ and Grip & Tear™ packaging is far simpler and safer for customers to open than standard bags, without sacrificing the abuse resistance, superior shrink and oxygen barrier properties they expect.