Fluids, Liquids, Pumpables Packaging for Foodservice Operators

Imagine consistent, great tasting food and expanded menu options- all while looking at labor and waste savings. With Cryovac® pouches, new and exciting food options are possible, options that can deliver chef-quality foods no matter your type of operation. Now great tasting products can arrive from your supplier requiring little more than re-heating and serving. Plus pouches have superior consistency and quality compared to heat-abused canned products so that means your customers will leave happy every time.
Expanded Menu Options

From sauces to baked beans, soups to chicken wings, creole marinated calamari to crème brulée, flexible Cryovac® pouches deliver a whole new realm of menu possibilities.

  • Flexibility of pouch specifications means endless choices for product applications, pouch size, and storage… more>
  • The high performance and versatile Cryovac® C5000 Cook/Chill Bags &Casings are the perfect solution for the expanding realm of cook/chill applications… more>
Economic and Environmental Benefits

In addition to the growth they can deliver, Cryovac® flexible pouches provide numerous economic benefits for your bottom line.

  • When compared to #10 cans and other forms of rigid packaging like buckets, cartons and tubs, pouches are a clear winner.
  • Cryovac® pouches, with a dispensing fitment, deliver a portion-controlled quantity of any condiment or sauce you may desire. Plus, easier product evacuation means virtually 100% product yield.… more>
  • Pouches also mean labor benefits since less time is spent on set-up, and product evacuation
  • Storage and disposal are also key concerns for any operation. When compared to #10 cans, pouches take up 40% less space on the front end and significantly less in disposal. Plus, with our shelf stable options, you'll also see energy savings versus refrigerated or frozen applications. All of which have the added benefit of being a better environmental choice.

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