Fish and Seafood Packaging for
Supermarket Retailers

Looking for quality and consistency? Nothing outperforms Cryovac® packaging systems to help seafood stay fresher longer and merchandise better. Whether it’s case-ready or bulk fresh, Cryovac® packaging technology satisfies a variety of seafood applications. It all adds up to delivering the kind of higher quality fresh seafood that has consumers coming back for more. Plus, there’s nothing more convenient than Simple Steps® packaging for fish and seafood entrées. Tasty dishes go from microwave to table in minutes.
Case Ready Packaging for Fish and Seafood

Recent packaging innovations have opened new opportunities for modified atmosphere fish packaging in the seafood case for retailers. Case ready seafood is truly achievable with Cryovac® modified atmosphere packaging and vacuum skin packaging systems. These proven technologies have been adapted to meet seafood’s special requirements, helping improve profitability and reduce shrink.

LID 1050 Lidstock and Barrier Tray Package

This lidstock-and-tray combination, together with gas flushing, creates the desired low oxygen modified atmosphere that substantially prolongs the freshness and quality life of refrigerated seafood products. During refrigerated storage and retail display, LID1050 materials remain fog-free and sparkling in appearance, providing a full view of the product and greatly enhancing the merchandising appeal.

Darfresh® Vacuum Skin Packaging

The product itself serves as the forming die; each package is finished to a smooth, skintight fit. This premium-looking package answers the retailer's need for appealing, self-service merchandisability.

Simple Steps® for Seafood

Cryovac® Simple Steps® microwavable package for prepared seafood entrees is distributed frozen and sold case ready in the same package. The product can be cooked at home in a microwave without removing it from its package. The technology gives shoppers a high-quality entrée that has undergone minimal handling. The unique self-venting Simple Steps® package eliminates the need to puncture ventilation holes or remove film before cooking in a microwave. Designed with “stay-cool” side handles and easy-open tabs, Simple Steps® enables entrées to go from the microwave to the dinner table without spills or burns.