Case Ready Packaging for
Meat/Food Processors

No matter how you look at it, case-ready is an attractive package for consumers and retailers alike. With a proven track record of solving technical difficulties like bloom and color problems, Cryovac® case-ready technology creates a superior looking package consumers can't wait to pick up. We set our sights on nothing less than delivering a full range of products ready for the meat case. And, because it helps increase retailers' top and bottom lines, there's no surprise that case-ready meats have grown 15 percentage points in the last five years according to The 2007 National Meat Case Study (USA).
Cryovac Mirabella® lidstock and tray package
Vacuum Bags
  • BK-series bags for boneless roasts
  • TBG bags for ribs & bone-in roasts
  • Cryovac® 10K OTR bags for fresh fish