Bakery, Pizza, and Pasta Packaging
for Food Processors

From baked goods and the ingredients that make them tasty to pizza and fresh pasta, we have packaging solutions that offer attractive merchandising and protection, extended shelf life, enhanced flavor and operational efficiencies.

For baked goods such as soft breads, muffins, pies and pastries and frozen pizzas, Cryovac® Shrink Films provide an attractive, secure package that protects items through distribution and consumer handling.

Ingredients like pie fillings, toppings, icings, sauces, syrups and donut fillings for bakery products or tomato sauces for pizzas can be packaged and distributed efficiently in flexible Cryovac® Pouches.

To provide extended shelf life and removal of residual oxygen for improved mold protection for baked goods and fresh pastas, check out the benefits offered by Freshness Plus™ active packaging technology. You can focus on quality product life through packaging, not formulations. Which could mean eliminating or reducing additives and preservatives.